Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Quick Update

Hello Everyone !

This is a Quick Update !!!!

Due to Ramadan and fasting and prayers time the workshop has been shifted to 9pm 
so 3 pm hours are cancelled.

hope to see you on  both Wed and Sat at 9pm .

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  1. Miss Cleveland Crackhead reaches five years!

    Each year at this time I feature a working girl of one of the many such Avenues in our fare city. This years entry is twenty year old Sarah. Surprised that I wished to take her picture for the twenty dollars she asked. But for me, quite the bargain for a model.

    I've never been of the mindset, that Art is a thing of beauty. Rather, it should throw light on issues that matter. And yes, for those of you with whom my name resonates, I am the artist who at fifteen created the tie-dyed Peace symbol.

    Check me out on either LinkedIn or DeviantArt. In Cleveland, I leave my work throughout the city, free for the taking, as found art. Perhaps this is why the was Louvre recently quoted; calling me the "Artworld's Robin Hood".

    Marc Breed
    America's fetish Photographer